The Gluttonous Vegan?

I'll be brutally honest- I can't live without cheese. Lactose intolerance doesn't stop me. My body may suffer but my taste buds rejoice. Exercising is known to lift endorphins, but for me, it's food. Over the past couple of weeks, my body has been in transition mode to prepare for this week.

I love food so much, my life literally revolves around it. I had a friend tell me a few months back she wanted to save money by not going to eat out as much. I haven't seen her since. I had a friend tell me recently she was going on a diet. Phone calls have been made but actually spending time together is lost. Food makes for great conversation. My friendships revolve almost around food. Yes, call me a bad friend, but I absolutely love biting into a fork-full of fettuccine alfredo pasta while my friend is telling me about her life. It just sounds so much more delicious (pun intended). Over the summer, I took a free lance job for photography. I got a job taking photos for a menu at a local cafe. The owner asked me what my rates were. Since it was one of my favorite cafe's in my neighborhood, dollar signs did not come to mind. It was more like what they had on the menu. I asked them to pay me in food, and to have access to all the cooks at my stomach's desire while I was on duty. They would make the dishes for me, and I would eat them. It was amazing.

These are just a few ideas of how much I love food. One of my favorite blogs is The Gluttonous Vegan run by Naomi Rose, a friend and blogging babe I know. I've made one of her recipes before and it was incredible. The experience alone was memorable, and don't even get me started on how it tasted. I made an agreement with her to try her recipes for one week. Just one week. Seven days. Not a big deal, right? Well, I'm scared. Not just scared, but like scurrrrred. It's also a troubling awareness how much I can't control my appetite. I don't have a right to even love food this much. With child bearing hips as it is, my body is reaching it's third decade and in the last few years I have gone from a size 4 to not a size 4. Time for a change before the first heart attack hitsFor the next week, I'm going to be trying Naomi's healthy recipes, and next week, I'll report back with how I feel, what I've tried, photos of delicious cooking, and how a regular eater like myself can covert to veganism and how easy or hard it will be.