The Emergence

Thank you all for your support. Whether it's stopping by for the ever popular library themed wedding feature, just to say hello, or a regular reader, I'm super grateful you are here, and so thankful to have you.
As of now, you guys are all watching the infancy of my growth as a blogger, amateur (amateur-amateur) photographer, writer and just my all around creative nature. I am on such a whim of energy and creativity; so many ideas, so many thoughts on where I'm going with this blog, Scott and I building a family, my writing- all of it is almost explosive.

To get a hold of myself, I ordered a Craft, Inc. the other day, and it came in the mail today. I was overwhelmed at the contents- this is not the type of book that says set up on etsy and all will be well. There is a lot more to it; a challenge I'm willing to go through. You, my friends, will get to see the mistakes, the success, everything messy and organized within. In the book, it's suggested a write a list of goals, which is what I've been meaning to write since I read this (seriously, if you are a blogger, it's a must read).

I was sad when I wasn't working in an academic setting like I have for so many years, but now I finally see this as an opportunity for creative growth and talents I had no idea I could bear. This article also fed the seed of inspiration for me.

For instance, if I'm going to take this seriously, I just invested in some great supplies for packaging my orders, and I'm hoping buyers will see the personalization and quality of it.
I just ordered these amazing DO NOT BEND digital images from Tiny Bazaar. This shop is full of goodness, you will want to favorite everything like I have. When purchasing from someone handmade, it's amazing to know even the details are taken care of and I want my dear emptors to take notice.

//images via to Tiny Bazaar//

I have a full SD card full of photographs, a pile of Polaroids I'm ready to scan to get going. Fable also did some modeling for some notecards, if you care to have a look.

My career as a librarian isn't over; my education isn't going to be wasted, but right now, if I have the lemons, I'm making and serving, lemonade. Hopefully it's not too bitter.