Online Dating?


I absolutely love the Internet, and it should come easily I meet the man I marry online. I wish I could have a more romantic story like we met in a library, or a museum, and gave each other come hither looks. The internet is where we met and after 4 months of dating, decided to marry within a couple of months. Online dating may not sound so exciting, but when you meet the right person, it's thrilling to have your own love story to share.
If you are ever curious on how I met my husband, Midtown Girl has a mini-interview about that here.

Online dating isn't for everyone, but if you ever want to give it a pop, her blog is a great resource and encouragement. There will be posts about guys who are jerks, and guys who may be a potential, but overall, it's funny, heartwarming, and real.

My experience with online dating was very different. It was successful, but I've heard horror stories!

Did you ever try online dating and what was your experience?