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I asked Kate Gabrielle of Flapper Doodle to do an interview months ago, and I know I'm a bit of a mess even online, but my sincere apologies to Kate for taking forever on it. When I asked her these questions, she was a complete stranger and knew little of her. Overtime, we have become meme's via Flickr and Twitter. I'm completely fascinated not only by her drawings, but getting to know her, I can see where her inspiration comes from. She has even inspired me to get out of my modern box and Netflix some amazing classic films she loves and blogs about here.

Not only is she herself adorable, but so is her Etsy shop. In July, her shop was voted, "the most promising new shop on Etsy". After reading her introduction, I believe you will find her completely endearing as I do.

What is it about the flapper era that appeals so much to you?

For one thing, it represents the idea that liberated women could have rights and privileges, yet could still be considered "the fair sex" at the same time. Even though we won the right to vote, men still held the doors open for women. Women got dressed up just to go to the grocery store. Manners weren't yet extinct! It was a nice balance between freedom and respect.

In addition to that, I just adore the movies, the fashion, the music and the feel of the era. It was after The Great War, but before the Depression. A carefree time!

When did you first start drawing and when did you start marketing yourself?

I started drawing as soon as my little hands could grip a crayon! I started selling my art in 2005 (well, I started trying to sell it in 2005!)

What's your favorite drawing and why?

Hmm... that's a tough one! I think I like "Unlike Eloise, Ramona had mastered the hula hoop" and "Eloise as Audrey Hepburn" the most. Usually I get hooked on my most recent drawing or painting.

You love the vintage and glamour era- what's your favorite film and what actress resonates?

My favorite film is Sullivan's Travels. There are a million reasons why I like it, but the main reason is that it tells a story of why film is so important to people. My favorite actress is definitely Barbara Stanwyck! Comedy, drama, melodrama, mystery -- she could do anything! I could watch her films a million times each.

I would never think that a 2D photo can have so much character. I can't decide if it's the hair, the position you draw them in. What is it that gives them so much personality?

I'm not actually sure! The personality just kind of shows up... It could be the little frown I give them? They seem to have a life of their own!

I was checking out your etsy shop and i noticed you have a few other shops and the art is amazing, but so different from each form. What other activities do you love doing that involve the arts?

I love re-designing rooms! I just re-did my studio/bedroom this month and had a blast doing it! I also love scrapbooking with my mom. We have weekend sprees where we just watch old movies, eat chips and scrapbook for two days straight!

I was reading your family is very artistic on your etsy home page. Were they the ones that influenced you?

Definitely. They always encouraged me to draw and paint (I got my first easel for Christmas when I was 4!) and their own creativity has rubbed off on me. My mom always made handmade birthday cards for me, and my dad has been giving me original art for presents since I was little. Recently my little brother has started a photography shop, too! He actually won "Best in Show" at the very first art show he was in! Can you tell I'm proud of my family? ;)


Thank you, Kate for giving me the opportunity to interview you. Of course, I couldn't interview her without giving something from her shop, that would just be a big tease :P

I browsed her shop for a couple months and fell in love with everything. However, I have a soft spot for stationery. I had the opportunity to scoop up this adorable stationery set, and writing a letter is such a treat these days.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention what the stationery has

-20 Sheets of printed paper

-5 each of 4 designs
(Eloise and Ramona ride a bicycle)
(Alone at home with nobody to see her, Ramona dances the Tango)
(Eloise and Ramona go shopping)
(Eloise and Ramona eating Neapolitan ice cream)

-10 Sheets of Paper

-10 Envelopes

-4 handmade stickers

You have no idea how tempted I am to keep this for myself!

The Rules to Enter:

-Leave a comment on why you still write letters. All commentary is open to this post but I'd like to give this to someone that still appreciates the lost art of a written letter.

-This is open to all international readers, and you need not have a blog, just leave an email.

-The giveaway ends Sunday evening, and I'll choose and announce a winner then.

For extra entries:

-Visit her blog Flapper Doodle and say hello from our.city.lights.

-If you blog, or Twitter this, leave me a comment with the link.

Thank you, Kate!

Check out her shop here!

Check out one of my favorite blogs she contributes to here.

Her Flickr

Her Twitter

Her website

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