6,768 Miles Apart

This week has been exhausting for both Ana B. and I. The highlight of the project is being able to share and celebrate her one year blog birthday. Congrats, Ana!
The past couple of weeks, I've picked up a pen and journal rather than my camera. I take the shot for the day, and find more inspiration in my Moleskine than my cameras. It's a shift in my days, but the transition has been easier. The only thing keeping me partially alive for picture taking? The project and Fable.
The story of how we began is here, which is a great reminder on the days my blue feelings take over.
The rest of our projects are here and here, and they are an inspiration when I forget about them.
We have inspired and been inspired here, here, and here.
Ana B. on the left, myself on the right.
Thank you, Ana B. for your commitment and inspiration.

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