Introduction: Rob D.

I can guarantee you, most readers of this blog community know Rob. You may actually be a big admirer of his work, and you have commented on his photographs. You just don't know this yet.
Rob D has the privilege of snapping Ana B., (my accomplice in 6,768 Miles Apart) but you all know her as Ana B from on dressing up. He shoots from digital, 120 to 35mm. Read his answers, and his fresh perspective on portraits, what he has learned being a fashion photographer, and shooting anything from professionally to street. I wish I could be as versatile as his photography. (Side note: I have interviewed two other male photographers, and they all have the same answer for the first question. A male perspective at best?)

what is your philosophy on photography?

I don't really think I have a philosophy in photography. I just like to shoot things I suppose.

what inspires you?

Depends on what I'm doing I guess but generally speaking success inspires me - only problem is its so hard to measure.

when did you get into photography?

Probably about 5-6 years ago. Back then I was way into cars. Between my friends and I, photography was just a way to share the images of our cars with each other. People seemed to really dig our work for some reason and slowly friends from an extended circle of friends would want us to shoot their cars like the way they do it in the magazines.

what is your favorite camera?

If you'd asked me this a month ago it would have been my Nikon d70 without a doubt. But its slowly becoming second best to my dads old Fujica Stx-1 that I've recently revived. I've gotten into film or should I say recently discovered it. There's something about the process of selecting film, loading it in the camera (i love this bit), sending negatives to the lab and getting it back that gets me every time.

My d70 is a workhorse though. I have a love hate relationship with that thing. I treat it like crap and it keeps on clicking. Its been with me to all sorts of places, rain or shine. I know that thing inside and out. Its spoilt me though. Without it, it'd be almost impossible to create images for the web.

Ana is a natural beauty, so it's easy to do photoshoots with her, but do you see yourself expanding to fashion photography?

That's a yes and yes!

Not only that though, Ana is extremely patient when it comes to me taking pictures of her. She's given me a huge opportunity to not only practice creating images but she's also given me and has continued to give me feedback and support on the images I create. She has an amazing repository of all things fashion stored away in her - from the names of models, to photographers, collections and even editors. To be a really good fashion photographer you need to not only have the skills behind the camera but also access to this knowledge - this innate ability to reference the most obscure parts of an image to continually improve a look.

I'm happy where I am in terms of my skills as a photographer though, there's always a part of me that wants to have everything and have it now but I think with most things creative its an evolutionary thing - I'll continue to patiently do my thing with Ana by my side.

what is your favorite photo and why?
I don't think I've seen enough photos yet to come to a conclusion as to what's best. I'm all for big hair, big lights and big shoots in general though.

Check out some of his photos I chose from his flickr photostream.

His webpage is here.
His twitter is here.

Thank you, Rob D!
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