How To Have A Library Themed Wedding Part II

//all photos by jack rodriguez//

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Part I is here if you want to play catch up.
Some of these photos are just our wedding photos, but we wanted to share with you anyways, even if all the photos are not library-themed.

library themed wedding photos...

Taken from Scott's blog....

I wouldn't say our wedding was library-themed like our invites, but it did have many library elements. Below is one of the 30+ tables; each table was named after a writer that Diana & I like; it had a book by that writer, a framed picture of that writer, and a library card with the writers picture on it; every seat also had a book-themed crossword puzzle.

We had over 300 guests at the wedding, over 500 people at the ceremony. The most difficult was trying to stick to our theme, and being able to make our guests happy. We bought new books from Amazon, but keep in mind, that was part of the wedding budget. I also think thrifted books work just fine.

We didn't have a guestbook; instead we had small pieces of paper for guest to write notes to us on; these were stuff inside due date slips, and put in a vintage suitcase.

we had new books from each author on the author themed table, and vintage cameras, and typewriters as decor

As centerpieces, we had folded books like this. People loved them way more than flowers.

our colors were gray and yellow...
(i don't recommend buying these m&m's. they were expensive and barely readable)

Our table was the Charles favorite author...

our cake, handmade by a family member (who owns a cake business and gave me the cake as a gift) with real rose petals and roses. the guys wore Vans and Converse. Can you guess which one Scott is?

i won't get into details of the dress in this post, but just a quickie on the dress- my wedding dress was completely handmade by my amazing mom. there is lace overlapping the silk fabric, glass buttons, and a bow in the back. the lace was ordered from Jerusalem and the silk was ordered from India, it even still had silk worms in it! More deets later. Enjoy!