finding your own walden pond

(before you read this semi-personal and semi-serious post, go here and read a feature from the lovely DS!)

Congratulations! You're invited to an all-expenses-paid vacation to Walden Pond, where you'll re-create Henry David Thoreau's historic retreat of 1845 and escape the material trappings of society. Your package does not include electricity, telephones, indoor plumbing, or television. Reservations are required, and minimal packing is a given.
-excerpt from Secrets of Simplicity

I'm in the process of cleaning out and throwing things out in my home. The most difficult is throwing things with sentimental attachment that I have absolutely no room for or no use for. My family's history lies within what they have taught, not what they own, so it's hard to see things go, but I'm relieved.

I'm tolerating half finished projects, a messy home sometimes, the half written letters to my poor pen pals, letting distractions grow on me. I don't think it's fair to my home, my husband and the family and friends that want to visit. I think I deserve a better way of living, no? To me simplicity means a modern version of Thereau.

What's the hardest thing to get rid of? How do you find your own Walden Pond in this age of abundance?