Good music is universal. It doesn't matter what language the lyrics are in, you may not understand what the song is about, or what the singer is belting out over, but you know play it over and over. Listening to good music in another language is like watching a good foreign film; you may read the subtitles but you are taking most of it in visually, enjoying it but you have no idea how to understand the actual linguistics of it.
Some of you may not speak Spanish, but I totally recommend listening to Prostitutos. They remind me of Phoenix's latest album. They are a new band from Argentina and as much as I need a pick me for getting things done, this is band for it. Plus, they just filmed their first video and from the photos, it looks really fun.

I have Sol to thank for discovery of them. Pat, the lead singer is her soon to be husband. Not only are they an adorable couple but she is their number one fan. Her and I have the same (sometimes embarrassing) taste in music, but overall I took a listen and no regrets! They are nothing to be ashamed about!
Download their album here. They just opened up a twitter account here, and their Fotolong account here. Happy listening!!

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