Personal Library Kit Giveaway

Ok, all this talk about card catalogs and card catalog art makes me want to add a little bit of life to the dying system and have a chance to carry it out in your own personal book collection.

This is actually one of my favorite giveaways. Gabbi actually featured it in one of her posts, which happens to be one of my favorites, and no, not because Scott's book is in it, but because it's one of the most beautiful posts about libraries I've read.

The Personal Library Kit was also featured it awhile back and I have always wanted to give this to a reader. This is new (from and I'm really tempted to open it and play with it. It looks more amazing in real life.

I get the best book recommendations from your posts, twitter and goodreads pages. From chick-lit to fiction to biographies, the readers have the best taste in books and I can imagine your book collections. I can also hear your hearts break a little when you never get that book returned and you worry if you will ever see it again. Worry no more!

Just leave a comment about a book recommendation and why you love it so.
I get the benefit of getting great recommendations.

If this isn't your thing, no worries. Maybe one of Nathan's prints will suit you best.
Both giveaways will end July 24, 12:01 am, L.A. time.

*Also, Elle Moss won the Futurowoman giveaway
Rebecca won the Swaydehead giveaway
Congrats, ladies!