Introduction: Melly from Greenlaundry

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Cats, food and film. It's very rare I find someone that loves and lives those three words that I can resonate with more. When I think of Melly from Greenlaundry, those are the first three words that come to mind.

I've always believed a good photographer who takes pictures of food will make you hungry and almost crave the scent, taste and texture of the dish. When a photographer takes a photo of her animal, you can see the personality of the animal. I also have a soft spot for people who still use analog film. I realized I am completely in awe of Melly when I found myself hungry again when looking at her photos with a full stomach. I found myself wondering if I know Fatboy more than my Zelda from her photos. Her analog prints are admirable and can stand on their own, but i love all of Melly's photography.
You may know Melly from Greenlaundry but I want to take the extra step to get to know her. I feel like every photo makes me be there and she makes me a part of her activities. Her love for cats, whimsical fashion, delicious food and old cameras I discovered are not even half of what we have in common. Read on...

what is your philosophy on photography?
To always have a camera with me, forget my shyness and just snap. There's a lot of other thoughts going on in my head as i type this but if it really boils down to one thing, this is it. Too many times i've missed out on photo-moments especially of my family and friends because i'm too shy to say 'hey guys, i'm gonna snap some pics but continue to be yourselves". I'm only good with non-living things!

what inspires you?
When i see honesty, love (or passion in this context, although i've grown to dislike the word) and courage in any form.

when did you first pick up a camera?
Ahhh, it was during my first year in design school. I had to do a class in basic photography and i'll own up right now that back then, i didn't care for taking photos. I did well enough not to fail my module and that was that. I picked up a camera with interest when i was nineteen. I was going to visit Australia and definitely wanted something to take photos with. That was my Canon Ixus 3.2.

what is your favorite camera?
From my collection, it's got to be my Smena 8M!

analog, instant or digital?
If i weren't so slow at understanding how to shoot 'successfully' with an analog camera, we'd have a lot more spontaneous fun together. I've been using my Smena for a little over a year and i dare say i'm finally comfortable with it. So it'll take me awhile to regain the sense of adventure to try another analog camera. But! I'll go with analog any day because it kicks my a** every now and then and i kinda like it.
what is your favorite photo and why?
I shot this when i was on vacation in Port Dickson, Malaysia. My little sis and i were at the beach for about two minutes (she doesn't like the sun) and i snapped this with my Smena, using Lomo Redscale film.

What makes this my favourite is that it turned out looking completely different from what i saw through the lens when i took this photo. I want to be in this photo, but i can't. I want my mood, my bathing suit, the book i'm possibly reading to match the mood of this photo. Too bad for me, the magic's in the film.

Also, this photo doesn't say much, you can breathe it in, think back to the last time you smelled salty water and had sand in your shoes, smile to yourself and have a good day. It's a little like me i think, i don't like to say much or prove a point.

you have a lot of great hobbies with crafts; what is your favorite?
I suspect i really enjoy collaging more than anything else but i'm not sure because i never end up doing it. I daydream of it a lot especially when i come across potential materials. What i do know is i have a knack for putting myself through craft projects that require a lot of time and an immense amount of patience, no idea why!
(this question is just for fun) your cat can talk. what is the first question you are dying to ask?
"ARE YOU A REAL BOY?" Fatboy behaves like how a human would or to be more honest - like how i would. Well most of the time, i can't say all the time, that would be stretching it. I've asked him that many times now but no answer as yet so i definitely want to know.
Thanks again, Melly!
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