i'm convinced the hawaiian sand smells like coconut

ok, maybe not, but i've never visited Hawaii and i can imagine the aroma of tanning oils, the ebb and flow of tropical fruit juices, the saturated colors of the sanguine flowers and plants, the way my toes feel when i stick them in white sand, and the resonance of full waves.
when i opened up this package, i felt as if my senses were assaulted in some way but it didn't stop me from touching, smelling and eating what i could. it was more like i assaulted the contents of the package in the end.

yeah, the chocolates didn't survive for sure
Thanks to Amanda,
she sent this great package she put together before she moved from Hawaii to California.
She is an amazing writer (check out her writing and bake-fests here) and her tweets totally give me the giggles and no matter how warm it is in my apartment, she makes me want to bake.
One day, Amanda, drinks on me!