Giveaway and News!

Polaroid? check.
Polaroid film? check.
Etsy Shop? check.
A member of the Polaroid Street Team? CHECK.

//click to enlarge photo//
i discovered them when i interviewed futorowoman, then found polaroidgirl, and through both of them discovered a community devoted to the professional photography with a polaroid.
the photographers are amazing and one of my sponsors is also on the polaroid team (jerseymaids- go check her out!)
i'm very excited and to celebrate being a part of this, i'm giving away these really cool pins from

they are "four cool little 1" pins (badges if you're so inclined) feature hand-drawn line illustrations of classic insant cameras from Emily Ryan Lerner collection."
I have Leslie to thank for telling me about these, thanks Leslie!!
(Also, my mother in law gave me two polaroid 600 cameras. i'm in the process of trying them out this week)
to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment.
i'll choose a winner in the near future and will close the post for comments when the winner is chosen.