awards part 15 (and tags!)

Gabbi from Felinofelice handed me these awards, thanks Gabbi! She also tagged with with five things that make me happy. If you read my blog often, this is repeating itself, but here goes.

1. My husband. We are complete opposites. He is serious, organized, and tense. I'm silly, a mess, and giggle at really inappropriate times. As opposite as we are, we are absolutely crazy about each other.

2. Food.
Self Explanatory.

3. Google Reader. I get the opportunity to share my favorite blogs, discover new blogs, designers, photographers, videos, music all in a click of the "share" button.

4. My Camera(s)
Don't make me choose. Especially from this post.

5. My Cats.
I never want my kittens to grow up.

also, Sol and Vanessa tagged me months ago, and apologies for the late response, but I was going to redo the tag from before, but my answers would be the same. The Show your heart tag is here.
I pass these awards and tags to the first ten people to comment!