6,768 Miles Apart

Not only is the collaboration back, but it's one of the more personal ones.
If you follow our series, you know there is a story to tell with each photo, a mood told in each shot, and the pressure or ease of our week.
The challenge of the project is heavy on our day at times; Ana is running out the door barely able to snap a shot with the time limit; the challenge with myself is my apartment is running out of photos, unless I leave in the morning, which literally requires a vacation.
We live completely diverging lives. Ana, a hard worker for an office dealing with fast clients with harsh work days but can still manage to make herself elegantly strut out the door without falling over her heels from the thrust of work. I, an undomesticated housewife with the challenge of the traditional way of living in such a modern age.
As Ana builds her career, I've taken a break from mine.
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