Awards, part 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14!!

//btw, scott and i were featured in glamour's blog, smitten. go check it out here!//

ana b. from on dressing up, anna from much love, la paraluie deteste la pluie, Dixie, Gabbi, trishiekoh, naka from naka's net gave me the awards! thank you ladies!

i met a lot of great new bloggers lately and i would like to pass these awards to the following blogs, and i informed on why i awarded you on your blogs
edder, miss lizzy, hanako66, around the way girl, aesthetic bent, vanessa, lady croissant, irene, jhoa, carly, matouenpeluche, mawls
seriously, take them all!

and just like ana b. was inspired to design her own award, i decided to pass one out as well.

just like a great book, these are the blogs that inspire me, make me laugh, bring a little joy to my day and i can't wait to see what's next. i love reading all of your blogs, but these few stand out to me.
dapper kid, ondressingup, much love, gabi, andrea, amanda, jasmine, rebecca, gabby, down and out chic, luphia loves, sol, emily, diane, le parapluie deteste la pluie, melly, babelisme and drollgirl! did i miss anyone??
thanks for following and reading!
this week i have a cute giveaway with a fellow bloggy friend, come back tomorrow to check it out.
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