"the sewing machine is a girl's best friend..."

my mom was a seamstress growing up, and my grandpa is a tailor, so watching the machine, the serger go on for hours, the scraps of fabric and endless trails of thread of all lengths will come to life again in my own home.

i just got a new sewing machine, and i am ecstatic to use it. i have array of projects i want to start on, including this dress. i had so many great suggestions (actually, that post i ended up receiving more comments than any other post ever!) and i know my family will be happy to stop bugging them about it.

i also got a book to guide me when my family is not able to answer my millionth phone call.

my first project was a shirt i really wanted from kohls. i couldn't see myself spending $44 on it when it was just a cotton shirt with a bow on it.

the cotton shirt was $9 at tj maxx, and the bow was 98cents for one yard.
i know it's a small project but it's a warm up to what i have planned.

now, a song.

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