summer goals

+ photo taken by husband, with polaroid spectra 
my library assistant position has come to an end for the school season. having the entire summer is overwhelming but i'm anticipating the season. instead of being paralyzed with the excessive time i have, let's see what i have planned...

+ photo adventures

+volunteer jobs already lined up (thank you all for the encouragement and suggestions, you know who you are)

+ summer reading (details soon)

+ go to the gym 4-5x a week (yes, it can and has been done)

+ clean the apartment and micromanage those dust mites

+ learn new songs on the piano (perhaps one of my favorite songs?)

+ finish fable 2 on the xbox 360 (hey, it's a goal!)

+ write letters

+ dust off my '71 schwinn sprint for bike rides

+ sew a summer dress

what are your goals for summer 2009?