Introduction: Patrick Ng

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Patrick is a modern day renaissance man. He sketches, he is a designer, crafter, business man and a photographer. For those of us who use Moleskine, we know that is a culture of its own. He customizes Moleskines, and keeps the simplicity of the notebook.
I have been following his flickr photostream in my Google reader since 2008 and have admired his Lomography photos, tours, and Polaroid images from afar.
His customized Diana camera has been embedded in my head since I laid eyes on this gem.
He has been featured in the New York Times, and just like they found his photos delightful, I believe you will, too!

what is your philosophy on photography?
I don't have any. I just love the process internally, and
if the outcome pleases people it is a bonus. if the outcome
surprises me, I will brag about it all over.

what inspires you?
Any new way to look at the same thing. If what I see
differently can be reproduced in a picture, it will be a
bonus. I guess most of the favs I got were because of the
content and story behind the imagery because I take shots
around my life. With words, dimensions are added to a 2D
photo, that's captivating for most people already.

when did you first pick up a camera?
Mom's Yashica twin lens reflex, around the age of 10. She
was shooting photos of me any my brother and I tried a few
shots. It was expensive for her to get a camera at that
time. I remember the excitement when she look at a
developed picture of my cute little brother, maybe I fell in
love with photography to replicate that kind of emotion. In
secondary school I followed seniors to go out shooting, it
was such an expensive hobby all family members actually
discouraged me to do so. Later I became vice chair of our
school's photography club. I feel lucky to be able to have
all these early experience.

what is your favorite camera?
Polaroid SLR690. Rollei 35SE. I like them a lot because I
have high chance of taking good pictures when I carry them,
probably because I'm used to their characteristics.

analog, instant or digital?
my preference: instant, analog then digital. I carry all 3
when I'm on trips.

what is your favorite photo and why?
This one:
My son at the age of 2 running around at home, very sweet
memory to me.

What is your favorite Moleskine (sorry, had to ask!)
Model: Moleskine sketch book. i use it to take notes coz
the paper is thicker for good fountain pen use and I can
switch to drawing mode easily.
Favorite Moleskine I have:
one with my son's small feet stamped on a particular page.

(Check out some of his crafts. impressive, right?)

Thank you, Patrick for the interview!
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