Introduction: Naomi Rose

As much as I have ranted on the love/hate relationship with technology, one of the perks of the Internet is meeting new people. Not just new people, but friends. I met Naomi Rose through Flickr, and if her Polaroids were not enough to give you eyegasm, then her recipes will make you melt. I tried out her recipe here and have called her a double threat. I haven't met many people that can study two very different hobbies and be so cardinal in doing so. Everyone loves Polaroid, but Naomi's photography ranges on the instant gratification. Her shots are subtle but overall have a paramount statement to it. She doesn't hide in her photography, she is excudes in it. I believe she is a great representaion for 'Roid Week and I am happy to give you a proper introduction. She has a photo project The Translantic Lens Project, and her recipe blog, The Gluttonous Vegan.

how long have you used polaroid or instant film?
polaroid 600 is the only type of instant film I've ever used. I've been using it for 3 years or so, I started when my friend gave me his old polaroid camera, then kept upgrading with nicer and nicer ones from ebay.
do you remember your first photo?
Anyone who knows me will tell you I've got a memory so bad that it's almost a super power. I don't remember the first ever photograph because I think it might have been with my mums old underwater camera but I don't know for sure. The only thing I remember crystal clear is exactly what was going on when I took every polaroid picture, probably something to do with having to really think about what I'm taking, and then watching it develop, really fixes it in my mind.
what analog aspect appeals to you over the digital camera?
It's that cliche, you know, films more real? I LOVE digital, in fact, my exhibition this month is all digital images. It's so nice not to have to stink like a darkroom, or spend £££ on 'roid film, but there's nothing like it. I love every single polaroid I've ever taken x a million.
what do you think of the poladroid program?
It's got it's place. I even had a go with it when it first came out, the pictures it makes are so blue-y and vignette-y though, they're a very poor imitation.
what is your favorite polaroid?
WOW. Almost impossible to answer! I think the one I like to look at and remember the most is this one:
It's one of the only staged polaroids I've ever taken and I took it on my 23rd birthday, on the beach outside my house and I remember thinking that this is IT, you know? I'd better start recording what I want to record because everything will carry on and I'll just forget it all. That's probably why I like polaroids the best actually, it stops me having to worry about forgetting.
Thanks Naomi for doing the interview!

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