Introduction: Diana Ramos

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Meet Diana Ramos. She is a young, up and coming photographer from Lisbon, Portugal. Remember her name now. One day, a Diana Ramos credit will sound familiar to you. For being 22, is already a professional photographer. To be honest, I have no memory of how I found her. All I know is she and I share flickr and Twitter communities, a love for 24, and we share first names and an admiration for photos. The only difference is dynamite in her skills. I decided to interview her and introduce her because I believe you will see what I see in her photography, an allure with symmetry.
The photographers I find and interview open opportunities for me in my own hobby, and just like the other interviewees, she is no exception. She has a wise manner for being so young to photography, and right away you can see her passion in her shots.

what is your philosophy on photography?

i can't say that i have a philosophy on photography per se. what/who i am as a photographer is constantly changing, evolving (i hope) so what i think is right at one particular time tends to change gradually.

what inspires you?

everything inspires me. images, people, sounds/music, colors, places.. whatever. everything. it just depends on my mood and how hard i work to come up with a concept or image.

analog, instant or digital?
i use digital, always.

do you have a photograph that defines you as a photographer
and why?

i don't think i do. and i wouldn't like to have a photo that'd define me as a photographer.. wouldn't that be boring? all of my photos define me as a for the photo that defines me as a photographer...well, it was hard to choose but i think this one is a good
I chose this one because for me it's all about capturing the right moment. The right light, the right composition..and it's all very natural, there's no pose, etc. And to show the world that these mundane moments can be beautiful too.

i am always inspired by young photographers. when did you
first know you want to do this as a career?

i know most people say that they started taking photographs when they were very young..that's not the case here. i started playing around with crappy cameras when iwas 16. years later, at 19 i started studying photography but it wasn't a real passion then.. it was just something i liked to do. then at 20/21.. that's when i started looking at it differently. i started thinking that maybe i could do this professionally because i'd never felt happier than when i was on a photoshoot.. that's when i knew i'd found my passion.

what has been your favorite photo shoot and why?

oh, this is a tough one. i can't choose honestly. every photoshoot is important and when i'm involved in one..that one is my favorite. :) this is what makes me give 110% every time.

Thank you, Diana, for giving me the chance to interview you!
Her flickr photostream here.
Here portfolio here.