Introduction: Deadbetty

//all photos by lisa sullivan. please do not use images, commercially or uncomercially, online or offline, without her permission//

Lisa Sullivan is a professional photographer I met through Flickr, and if you are familiar with her Flickr photostream, Dead Betty, then you know she has the most eerie and beautiful photographs I have come across and if you read this blog often, eerie and beautiful is the best combo for me. Lisa is a busy single mother of two who gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions. I think you will find her as compelling as I have.

what is your philosophy on photography?

I don't know, pretty simple, take shots of anything that captures your attention, makes you feel any kind of strong emotion and it will usually show in the shot. Take shots for yourself of things that matter to you, that would impress you... who knows you may end up impressing others!

what inspires you?

Ordinary things. Ordinary people. Ordinary nature shots don't seem to inspire me as much as say, taking a shot of something really unusual in an antique store. Or an old sign on the side of a road in some little rural town no one has ever heard of.

do you remember the photo that changed your view of photography?

This one, believe it or not is easy to answer. My boyfriend and I and another friend of ours went to a little private airstrip near downtown Cincinnati called Lunken Airport. It was built in the 30's or 40's. I thought I would be taking pictures of airplanes. I went into the ladies room. And it was AMAZING! So tacky. So very very VERY tacky. Frightfully hideous. Wall to ceiling teal and white block tile, a very old leather couch that wasn't even backed up evenly to the wall, oh what a sight.
when did you first pick up a camera?

My very first camera that I had to have was the Polaroid One-Step. Are you kidding me? Instant pictures? That's insane!! The technology was MIND BLOWING!! I was maybe 11 or 12. So bummed that I don't still have it.
analog, instant or digital?

I would love to use film, but again, the whole lack of patience gets in my way. I don't think I've ever successfully loaded film into a 35 mm camera... Film is always going to be more impressive in my mind. Just like vinyl over CD's. Old school rocks for a reason.
what is your favorite photo and why?

Ahh, the hardest question. I hopefully haven't taken it yet! I would have to say it's the one entitled "Sharpie Marker Argument over God's Realness inside the Wal-Mart Bathroom Tampon Machine". Simple trip to Wal-Mart, had to use the restroom (another restroom story in the interview? maybe a bit much? Maybe I need to reevaluate my life?) Anyhoo, go into the restroom, I don't have my camera with me, get the little toilet seat cover out sit down and look and NUH UH. The tampon machine door is wide open and all over it is an honest to goodness sharpie marker argument about God. And Chuck Norris.
You go outside, you just never know what you're going to see. You can be a professional photographer or a dude with a disposable camera, it just doesn't matter. Art is art right?

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to interview!

I have so many favorites from her photostream, this is my favorite from all of them, it's hard to decide.

Lisa is also generous enough to let me use one of her photographs as a giveaway! To enter, check out her photostream, let me know what your favorite is and if your name is chosen from, i will send you an 8x10 shot of your favorite photo to display. Trust me, it will be difficult to choose.
Which one will look amazing displayed on your wall?
Giveaway ends May 19 at midnight, Los Angeles time.