Happy 'Roid Week!

Hosted by Flickr, this week is 'Roid Week!

Remember how I mentioned I have a few projects I'm simmering in? In honor of Polaroid Week, I am introducing a series called "My Analog Dilemma". I love all things lo-fi, and as much as I favor myself a gadget girl and my career eats, sleeps and breathe in new technology, I miss the days of analog, simplicity, and how archaic technology was. From photography to computers (do you remember Oregon Trail?), the antiqueted days were congested with the best we took for granted, such as Polaroid cameras, record players, and typewriters. I'm an 80's baby, (born '81!) and I believe technology was at its prime growing up. As barefaced as technology is so much better now, I miss the classics.

Since I have already posted about my love/hate for Poladroid to replace Polaroid here I am starting off with some of my favorite 'roids!

//i think you will like what i got at the mj store. i am going back tuesday to pick it up!//

//do you know how difficult it is to bring a polaroid into a bubble bath?//

These are photos from my One600 camera. I'll be posting more this week from this camera and my iZones (remember those??), and my spectra!