good things come in packages

(sorry, that title was just too easy for this post)
it's a really good feeling when friends you have never met know you almost as good as my friends IRL. Click on photos to enlarge.
Irene, who runs RockPaperCraft, sent me a thank you gift for the collaboration we did for the last giveaway, The Illustrated Librarian: Temporary Tattoos, how cool is that?? Next to the cover is my favorite one. Thanks, Irene!

Anna from much love won my first giveaway (remember the amazing camera?), and as a thank you, she sent me a really generous gift package. I've mentioned many times I love vintage maps, and she sent me vintage maps and a MAP YO-YO (yes, a Yo-yo, with a map on it!) a teacher's pin with a globe on it, and yellow (my favorite color) shaped hearts. Thanks, Anna! She also sent me this postcard awhile back.

How cute are these scrabble magnets? Carly sent me an adorable letter with a handmade photo album, with a handmade ice cream pin attached to a note, "Keep it cool". Too cute! Thanks, Carly!

Jenn *just* got a new Polaroid camera and was generous enough to give up one of here instant photos (if you do the math, it used be about $1.00 a photo. Now? about $10, average!) I love the vintage map postcard and the thoughtful note with it. Thanks, Jenn!

I was involved with Inspire April Project, and my package came from Krissy of Thinking of Blue. She sent me lots of inspiration and motivation. She is super positive and very grateful for the opportunity. Plus, how awesome is a package when you get a FINGER PUPPET? Thanks, Krissy!

Naomi sent me cut out map shaped hearts! and glittery soap! I'm saving them for a day I can make my own at home spa. Thanks, Naomi!

Much Love at etsy had a 40% off sale and I took advantage! Thanks again, Anna!
Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter the current giveaway!
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