'I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world'.-Marc Jacobs

i appreciate the craft behind a lot of designers, but i have chosen marc jacobs over the others for many years. even with the recession, and years later, my marc bags feel new and luxurious year after year. some people like expensive shoes, furniture, clothes, cars and gadgets, but i like bags. there is nothing wrong with that as long as i don't lose myself to the flashiness and pretentiousness that comes with the fashion aspect of it.

my husband and i have no debt, he works really hard, and we are not hurting financially, a message to all the haters out there with the nasty emails about this post.

years, years ago, i remember vividly when my friend A. purchased her first marc jacobs bag. it was really exciting; this was materialistic bliss. my mother always taught me the rule 'quality before quantity' and just the look on A's face was enough to make me believe she would care for this bag forever. well, it hasn't been forever, but to this day, she still carries this exact same bag and still gets compliments on it like as if it were the first time she carried it (and yes, i did end up buying that bag, too and it is one of my favorites).

it is really nice to have something to make you feel luxurious, even if it's a small clutch. A few weeks ago, I mentioned i took a trip to the melrose shop and i bought something for myself, and something for the readers.

there are three ways to enter, three chances to win:

1. leave a comment letting me know what investment piece makes you feel luxurious

2. post a link back on your blog and let me know and i will enter your name twice

3. follow me on twitter and i will post your name thrice, just @reply me, letting me know

Material: 100% PVC shell with leather liner
Size: 8" x 4"
Color: gunmetal!
"MARC JACOBS" embossed on the silver hardware
"MJ" also embossed on the zipper
Size: L8"xH4.5"xW1"
Handle: 6.5"

and yes, it comes with the dust bag!
and i promise the next giveaway won't be so sexist ;)

good luck!!

btw, if you want the bag i bought, it's finally online, so you don't have to pay extra for taxes like i did! buy it here.
ps. if you love marc jacobs, i think you will get a kick out of this tumblr.

EDIT: ha, i should probably mention the giveaway ends June 1, 12:01 am Los Angeles Time. and Missa won the last giveaway!