Ambush Giveaway!

In honor of Edwin Land's birthday today (he is 100!!) and being 'Roid Week, Naomi was so flattered by your comments on her photography from her interview, she want to give away ten of her photographs! The prints will be 5X5, and the winners can choose any of the photos from her Flickr set titled Instant Gratification. We chose the winners through and the first ten people to come up out of list of 21 are....

Jeannette marie
Down and out chic
Ana b.

Please email me for your address and your favorite Polaroid!
Thanks again and thank you to Naomi for being so generous!
*and thank you so much for everyone that entered the last giveaway with RockPaperCraft! A big extra thank you for the participants who did all the steps! Deeahnah won the giveaway and a big thank you from Irene who was supporting this blog when I had 3 readers months ago! Thanks Irene!