A Week Without Me


(It didn’t matter which way I tried to write it, there was no approach to document an entity so guarded and keep my personal life and present this all at once)

I will be completely honest and I am hesitant to even post this because this is my own decision and my own struggles, but just like any other hardship in life, I need the encouragement and accountability and why not involve the rest of the world that can play along.

I’m selfish. With my time. It seems these days that people are greedy with money, but it’s easy for me to write a check, pay for someone’s lunch, buy a big present and consider that was my good deed. My friends and family know I will hand over my last dollar if needed. I’m not selfish with money, but when it comes to my time, I am very particular on how it’s spent. There is nothing wrong with secure and planning your time but when I am so guarded with it, I feel as if I end up wasting it. I don’t know if anyone can relate to this.

The challenge for me is to be fruitful with my time. What I am going to be challenging my time with is giving it away. My friends and husband are not involved. My husband gets the royal treatment from me and my friends and I have no problems with me reaching out that extra hand. The challenge will be to do one thing each week that does not involve myself. I had a list of things I could do but they all involved money. Buying someone’s coffee, adding quarters to the machines at the laundrymat, paying for someone’s bus ride, but I realized the list seems more out of convenience than really stepping out of my comfort zone. Spontaneity comes at the best times. I will update on this project next week and let you know what challenged me and if dodged it, or if I took the extra step to grow.

Comments are disabled. I don't want a pat on the back for this. Instead, I wish you to go out and do the same. Post about it, email me and let me what you have you done to challenge yourself and I hope we can pay it forward together.