Vintage Tattoos

A lot of people ask me where I got my "work" done. It's always strange creepy older men who approach me so to not come off too open to them I just tell them I got them in prison. That makes them go away.
I have had my sleeve for about seven years now. Most of the work I have is traditional, and this book makes me want more. My husband is totally supportive of it, but I have to really ask myself, do I want another tattoo or a new Marc Jacobs bag? Marc always wins.


ps. i have been collaborating with a really cool etsy shop and there is an awesome giveaway coming up next week!

EDIT! I have posted photos of me here showing some of my tattoos, but after so long, it gets mundane showing them off for other people, but if you would like, cick on my Flickr (on the side link) and there are some photos there.