A couple weeks ago I was on Flickr's Wardrobe Remix and after a numerous clicks, I was jaded of looking at what seems like the same outfit, with the same body type that was unrealistic for me. Then I came upon Yooni from genuine incongruity blog who she shares with Nessa. I loved her sense of style with strong lines and the mixture of textures. I am a sucker for femininity with a tough aspect to it. I am always inspired by all the fashion blogs I read daily but I always feel as I can never pull off what some of you wear because I have always dealt with a curvy body type trying to adjust to a shape a size 2 would look good in. Or at least that is what I thought. Yooni proves this adage very wrong. I was so inspired by her and loved her style I emailed her on a whim, not knowing what I was doing, and asked to interview her. She probably thought I was crazy, especially since my blogs isn’t considered a fashion blog, but I am glad I did ask her. She has a lot to offer to the fashion blogesphere and I am very excited to share what she had to say.

who and what inspires you?

This might be kinda weird, but I really like reading GQ. I don't know if it "inspires" me, but it always reminds me to keep things clean and classy (which I believe menswear is about). I think magazines targeted at women get lost in advertisements, product promotion and trends that look a bit too strange outside of those glossy pages. I'm also a photographer, and so I'm subscribed to a lot of fashion photography blogs which stimulate my retinal palette.

must-haves for summer?

Big men's shirts. Not-short-shorts. Maybe a white pencil skirt? Maybe.

the non-fail outfit when you are on the go?

A slouchy/large tanktop, a black cardigan, jeans and my large purple scarf.

would you claim a signature style and if so, what do you believe yours entails?

Hahahah. I always wear unitards and leotards, not by themselves of course. And scarves, most notably my purple one.

everyone has a timeless piece in their closet (LBD, Classic white tee, etc.), what's your favorite?

It's a tie between my scarves and my black blazer.

philosophy on fashion?

There is always a way to make things "work," by that I mean that there is no item that is impossible to work with.

The ultimate color scheme?

Black/creme/gray and Blue/this weird diarrhea colored brown (for a strange color, I own a lot of it).

what is on your playlist?

Bon Iver, Cold War Kids, and Beyoncé.

Favorite places shops?

Jeremeys, AA, UO(only when they have sales), Ross and my father's closet (which really isn't a shop, but where I get a lot of my clothes from).

favorite designers?

Philip Lim and Marc Jacobs. They enchant me so.

quantity or quality and why? (ex: a lieu of F21 tops or one designer top)

Definitely quality. I wear things to threads, so I need something that lasts. I raid the UO sidewalk sales and department store clearances for high quality basic shirts, sweater and outerwear. I suppose I spend the least amount of money on bottoms. I tend to wear them out at the knees and inner-thighs really easily, so spending money on them goes on the backburner.

On a slightly related note: I hate spending a lot on clothes, so if I buy a piece, it MUST NOT be dryclean only.

there are girls who believe they can be a size 0 and anything will look good on them but you have proved this theory very wrong. what is your advice on girls and their image?

I feel as if nowadays it's so hard to become comfortable with your body, but it really shouldn't be that way. Feeling good about the body you're in should be natural, not the reward for spending 2 hours at the gym a day. I get angry when I hear girls talk about their bodies as if it were separate from themselves and objects to be molded to fit a certain role. If you're always counting calories, your body becomes a tool to manage calories instead of something you are a part of, made of.

It's easy to just talk about body image in terms of weight, but I believe it goes beyond that. After my 18 years on this earth (ha!) I know at least this: people will find beauty in what you think are your flaws. So to that stray freckle, to that extra chub on your hips, that visible birthmark that creeps along your collarbone, that slightly crooked nose, those bushy eyebrows, I think you are beautiful, and someone else thinks you're beautiful too.

what are your favorite fashion blogs and what fellow blogger inspires you the most?

Blogs: Stylish Wanderer, Childhood Flames, Nylon Blogs, Garance Doré and the Sartorialist.

Bloggers: Camile from Childhood Flames and Karla from Karla's Closet. I'm really into DIY and menswear.

what trend do you wish would go away? what trend do you wish would stay?

I wish Peaches Geldof would go away. I really don't like the grungy, dirty hair look.

Would it surprise you if I said that I wish menswear for women would stay forever?

Thanks Yooni for giving me the chance to interview you!
check out genuine icongruity and her flickr.