6,768 Miles Apart

We're Ana from on dressing up and Diana from our.city. lights. This is inspired by 3191~A Year of Mornings. Just like the authors, we take a photo between the hours of 6 a.m.-11 a.m; reflections in a coffee cup, the sun shining through a blind, the re-discovery of a neighborhood we've lived in for years.

Much like its inspiration, this is not grand photography – there are no models in couture dresses, advertisements of things people want us to buy, immense landscapes of faraway lands – we try to capture something small, something simple, something integral to our morning lives. And everyday we astound ourselves with the beauty in each other’s mornings, the beauty of the small things in life.

But even more, we realize how this project has come to embody the nature of our unlikely friendship - we met through the blogosphere, admiring and remarking on each other's posts and communicating via Twitter. We made a connection but were separated by time and space. We may never meet in real life. This project shows these push-pull forces: connection and isolation, teamwork and independence, real life and virtual life. It involves refining ideas and challenging each other until we unintentionally produced a thing of absolute beauty – these pictures you see here. And every week you’ll be there too, as a witness to all that happened through the eyes of our lenses, to the images that added enchantment to the most mundane of our mornings.

These photos span 5 days from my time (United States) Friday March 27 to Ana's time (New Zealand) Saturday March 28 -- Tuesday March 31/Ana's time Wednesday April 1. Diana's photos are on the right, Ana's on the left.

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We had so much fun involving ourselves in this. Here are our trial runs to see how it all came together.