The Doll

One of the privileges of working in a library, is I discover books I would normally never browse for. I saw this book on the cart, and it is so creepy/pretty, I had to share. I don't remember having dolls growing up, they always gave me shivers after one of my babysitters told me a demonic story of a doll coming to life and attacking a family (maybe she stole the plot from Chucky). Ever since that sleepless night, I avoided dolls.

It's crazy to think the origin of a doll was for witchcraft and voodoo. The dolls were also a sign of what prestige and wealth your family had. Do you remember the American Doll girls? I sort of liked them. The whole Barbie doll aspect never fit with me. I remember the first time I saw Barbies and a Ken doll was at a neighbor's home. I thought they were really cool for a second, then she proceeded to make them have sex. That was ruined quickly.
I found these to be the most pleasant ones

These next dolls, hmm, not so much...

billy corgan?

i'll admit, i love the unibrow

imagine playing with this one *shudders*
oh. yes. i see the resemblance.
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