Sunday's Best

I don't cook much, like at all. I burn rice all the time, overcook the dumplings, and our veggies look discolored and sad by the time I'm done with them. The best thing I can do for food and everyone around me is to eat it and do nothing else. I did get a little creative for Valentine's Day, but that is about it.

I was challenged when I found Naomi Rose's blog, The Gluttonous Vegan. (Side note + If you are not familiar with her, she has the most amazing, amazing photographs. She also makes one of the most awesome tributes to Polaroid, if you haven't seen it. I call her a double threat, she is a great photographer and a mad cook in the kitchen. End side note) Her recipes are an abundance of spices and health. Just reading them makes you hungry.

I decided to try the Spicy Bean Stew with Cinnamon, and the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes It was possibly the most easiest dinner I have ever done and I felt for a moment like if I was missing out on this, I must be missing out on life. The ultimate test was Scott. He is not a picky eater, but when it comes to my cooking, let's just say he is a really nice guy and is inhumanly patient. He loved it. We not only had it for dinner, but we had it for breakfast as well. It was that good!

//i can't really figure out how to make soup look pretty...//
//cupcake city//

Recipe for cupcakes here.
Recipe for soup, here.