Real Men Drink Tea

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and anniversary congrats!

We got a new toy. I was "forced" to retire my Canon SD20 (about 6 years old) for a nice new Rebel. It was our anniversary gift to ourselves, and since we spent our vacation money on a new camera and new lenses, we wanted to still do something fun. Scott had the genius idea of going to a tea house, the one place you would never expect a husband to choose. (Side note: Has anyone seen I Love You, Man? Well, Scott is exactly like Peter Klaven. It's entertaining and cute all at once.) We went to the Orange Circle and ended our night with some amazing Indian food at the Tandoori Garden in Anaheim.

I would have never thought of a place like this to visit, and despite the exhausting amount of florals in one sitting, it was my first experience at a tea house and I wish I would have thought of it myself.

much manlier than you think

same goes for me.
i was completely fascinated by the strainer. i normally use bags as filters, and i couldn't stop staring.

blueberry scone with jam and whipped cream. delish.

We also walked around some antique malls and I wanted everything there. I realized I could sell my camera collection if I ever wanted to send my kids to college for the prices the stores had. These stores seriously made me want to be a pack rat. From McDonald's toys to records, they had it all.

scarves! there were literally rows of this all over the massive store.

i don't even own a house phone, but i can pretend to with these in my home.