Next time won't you sing with me....

Yes, I know. The dress is not only ugly, but it's long and way too big. I bought it at a thrift store when shopping with A.

When I tried the dress on, I felt like I had on a robe with no sleeves, it was huge. I did have my mom try to pucker it in the back, but it just defined my chest, which I try to hide in my aspect of clothing, so this did not help.

Yes, it's frumpy, but LOOK at it.
L O O K ! ! !
The fabric has a cursive alphabet on it! How cute is that!

I was thinking of making it into a shorter dress and having the rest of the fabric turned into a clutch/bag/tote or something. The only problem is, I am not much of DIY-er and this is kind of a challenge for me. This is where your creative minds pipe in. What should I do with this dress? My family is blessed with the gift of dress making and tailoring, I however may be able to do it if I had a sewing machine, and if I knew what to do with it. Any advice??