Diana+ Instant Back vs Polaroid

Do you remember the post about this coming out?
//well it finally arrived on Thursday//

//the film//

//the first day//

there are little stories and reviews added to each photo. sorry they are so small, just click to enlarge. apologies also for so many pics. i went nuts, as you can tell.

double exposure

most important...


The first few pics were hit or miss. If you use Lomography cameras, then you are familiar with their crappy instructions. After I followed directions to assemble the piece to my camera, it didn't exactly tell me how to use it. The first few shots I accidentally ruined discovering how to use the piece. You also have to aim it and really resource your zoom, 0r what is a zoom on the standard Diana lens. I loved using it, and as lo-fi as the camera is, I love the color saturation when the settings are right.

My only valid complaint is the time to develop the film. With Polaroid film, it takes up to five minutes at *most*. The Fuji film takes almost 30 minutes to fully develop. You can see the picture at about 15 minutes, but checking back on it later, you realize, it's developed more.
Also, with the Instant Back added to the Diana camera, you have to add batteries to it. What I loved about Polaroid film, is the battery pack was included in the film, and there was no need to ever worry about batteries. Sadly, I had to buy CR2 batteries worth $10 each to use the Instant Back ($95) on top of the price of it, and the film (about $10 for a ten-pack)

If you are die hard Diana+ user and appreciate the lo-fi love, then yes, this is worth it. I miss Polaroid film, and as fun as the Poladroid program is, there is nothing to replace the mourning of the digital age with an actual instant camera. My Polaroid film is sitting nestled in the fridge for use when in need, since it's discontinued, but for the meantime, the Diana Instant Back is a great alternative. It's pricey to start off with, but considering the price of the film, it is actually cheaper than Polaroid film.