Awards, part three!

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Do you see what this is? My friend Z. who is a jewelery designer made me a birthday gift with the "I Like You" award on a key chain. How awesome is that?? On the back of the pic has a pic of Scott and I. I thought you guys would get a smile out of it like I did.

Sorry for the late posts on these awards, but I am finally getting around to do them!

Ana B. gave me this really cute one. I've seen it circulating and really wanted it and I finally did! Thanks Ana B.!

okay, so this is my third one, i don't know if there are some blogesphere rules, but i'm breaking them if they exist. Amanda honored me this one and I'm gonna keep it going!

Parapluie gave me this one! I love Ana's, Amanda's and Parapluie's blogs so much, it's so cool to think they read my blog! Same goes for all of you!!

I would like to pass these awards to Molly, Tahda, Ana, S. Elisabeth, Rebecca, Deedoubleyou, Sol, Tru, I don't want to leave anyone out, and I would love to honor this to everyone in the blogesphere! Like I said, I'm breaking some rules.
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