At Nature's Mercy

Okay, so I received a few comments and emails asking to post some photos with one of the old camera's. These pictures were actually taken with a 1966 Minolta SRT101. At the time, I was borrowing the camera (and by borrowing I mean I borrowed it for almost ten years) and I missed it so much when I was asked to return it, I bought my own model. These photos are completely untouched, in their complete natural state and the film actually developed! Unlike other older cameras where you take a shot and wonder if there are any leaks.

I mentioned that I wasn't good at taking pictures, but to me, this was the ultimate photo adventure.

These shots were taken somewhere in Orange County in a hidden and beautiful place I can never find on my own. We started in one section of town, and ended up on the opposite side of town.

We were muddy, sweaty and our camera's were used and abused. Our shoulders were sore from our camera bags and our necks were red from the camera (do you have any idea how much those old camera's weigh? Ouch). So many great opportunities and we didn't want to miss one shot.

The little figure below is a man on a bicycle. He wasn't supposed to be there. then again, neither were we.

A & C

Oh, P.S.

I bid on an amazing vintage camera on ebay and won! I decided to share the love and use it in a contest as soon as it arrives! What do you think?