We Used To Vacation

//more photos from our mini trip to la//

Thanks Domino's, I had no idea we had a Secretary of Taste.

Watching Big Love with pizza after the show and walking around. Hey, it was the only place opened after midnight. And the only thing that was on TV.

//The Fab Four at Club Nokia//
This is the closest thing to the Beatles that I will see. They were precise and in tune with the audience and the music. The Beatles helped me learn English growing up so I hold a special place for them in my childhood memories. This band makes me appreciate them so much more. If you get a chance to see them, go! If I wasn't sitting to a old drunk guy next to me slurring on the lyrics, I would have been more open to doing jigs and some girly cheering, but I was stuck doing handclaps and limited dancing in my seat.

This is at the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo. The faces are cute, but what happened to Hello Kitty?
I wish I could tell you the name of this place. It was so good. I justified it by walking it off the all weekend.
//From my Diana+. I used Fuji Velvia 100F film//
our view from outside
we had pizza for dinner after the show

on to little tokyo

25cents to get around town. I want the Dash bus in Orange County. Will that ever happen? Possibly more likely maybe never.

This one is called, "You seriously need to stop."the creepy elevator with creepy lights.
i want this phone.
too bad i would look silly carrying it around.
oh, you thought i meant a house phone? what is that?
//there is more film on the way. i will post as soon as it arrives//