Sunday's Best

i grew up with music from the 90's. Some of it bad, some of it good. It was fun (for a short time) dressing up in baby dolls, knee highs and thinking Courtney Love was the ish but looking back now, she was a hot mess that needed some major help. Smeared lipstick isn't a look i'd go for now.

//but i'll admit, it is still one of my favorite albums to this day//

//winona ryder was the 90's it girl//

//kathleen hanna owned and i still have my 7"s from a decade ago//

//ok, so sonic youth wasn't an all-girl band, but kim gordon was pretty awesome//

//i'll admit i got into them because it was one of kurt cobain's favorite bands. i sort of want that hat and i'm loving those hot pink tights//

//do you have any idea how hard it is to find OLD stuff from the halo friendlies? they were one of my favorites in high school//