Sunday's Best

Some of my favorite music was from the 90's. Most of the bands I listened to were Kill Rock Star bands, of Geffen bands, but I researched some favorite songs I think everyone should love. Okay, so I did listen to some "bands" that were not exactly labeled "college rock" now known as "indie" music. I was wayyy cooler as a thirteen year old than I am now. Yeah, even in my monochromatic outfits.

no need for introduction

crappy quality, but it took forever to find this video

why don't you have a music video, dinosaur jr.?

very very good album as well

they sound better to me now than they did then

still love them

This is just to name a few. I think next week we will revisit girl bands of the 90's. Remember Shonen Knife? They will be there as well.