Pretty Books, part two.

//the two comes after the one//

//The Spectrum of Music//
This book is for a child.

//The Beatles: Unseen Archives//

One of my favorite picture books. They document everything.

//Cartier: The Tank Watch//

This book is extra special to me. I received a Cartier Tank Watch as an engagement gift from Scott, and along with the watch, he gave me this as well, to learn the history of this ageless piece.

//Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour//
I have a bad praxis of zoning in one interest/hobby and completely disregarding everything else. B. gave me this for Christmas a couple years ago in enabling my poor habit.

//The Bob Dylan Scrapbook//
This book has reprints of old flyers, hand written lyrics, notes and drawings from Dylan himself.

+ sorry again for the poor quality of photos. a person told me a long time ago that it was not the camera, it was the photographer that made the pictures. whatever. i still believe my camera is in need of an upgrade. funny part of it is, when i have the opportunity to get one (which i have) i jump at the chance to buy something like this instead. it's a vicious cycle, i tell you.