Pretty Books

I just joined another community, Pretty Books, on Live Journal. Besides the memories, and the few friends I have made (penpals, I am talking to you) and keep up with, the communities are my favorite.

I don't know why I didn't find this community sooner. I have so many pretty books, let's not let Live Journal get all the fun.

//Diana+ Book by Lomography//

//Handmade Hellos//

//The Little Prince//

//Pretty: The NYLON Book of Beauty//

//The Polaroid Book//

//Cathy's Key// This book is supposed to be for youth reads according to my husband, but it is such a cool book and comes with all the stuff you see to solve the mystery.

Sorry (again) the photos are so dark. I will leave my other pretty books for other days. Reading is like breathing to me, and as much as I can appreciate a great book, I can appreciate how inventive a book can be presented.