Oscillate Wildly

I sometimes believe I was born in the wrong era. I wish I was a 1950's baby and wear something like this
On the road with Tod & Buz
On the road with Tod & Buz - by Alibee on Polyvore.com

and my favorite band would be the Beatles and I would be one of these girls

buuut since neither of these is happening, the closest thing I can have is winning free tickets from the Onion (random, right?) to see The Fab Four in LA. Since Scott hates driving, we are taking the Metro and staying there for the night. We usually stay at the Standard for staying a night or two there, but Millennium Biltmore Hotel is where the Beatles played on the rooftop, so I thought that would be appropriate, right?

Since I wasn't around for Beatlemania, at least I can make believe...