When I was 12 or 13 I had one pair of pants from Kim Gordon's old line, X-Girl. They were a skinny, almost tapered cut and they were bright green. I made my mom take me all the way down to LA to buy it. I remember my mom's old car barely making it around Fullerton, let alone all the way to Melrose, but keep in mind, I had the mindset of a pre-teen determined to get what I wanted. The pants were expensive at the time to us, but since I rarely asked for anything, it was an early birthday/Christmas/Easter/"That's it for the year"-type gift. Of course my friends made of fun when I wore them to school. I didn't care though. I even wore it with my Sonic Youth shirt and I was made fun of double time for that move. Sadly, I can't remember what happened to them. I probably grew out of them, wore them to their death or suddenly became aware that they were bright green. Whichever came first.

When I opened my email this morning, Urban Outfitters announced their collaboration with Kim Gordon, Mirror/Dash, the nostalgia returned with images of bright green tapered jeans. This time, the line is more sophisticated, demure, a modern cut without being too abstract, and minimilistic, just like I like it. The prices range from $54 to $98. Would I buy it? If it was a GO International line at Target, yes. Not for full price though. Sorry, Kim.