Library Valentine's Day Part II

Last week, I posted an idea for a Valentine's Day card for a librarian. What about that special person in your life who loves to read but you don't want to get them (surprise!) a book? Free yourself of the generic gifting and treat them (or yourself) to something amusing for a change.

Vinyl Record Necklace, $45
Most girls love baubles and the combination with books makes this one awesome necklace.

Burning Bookmark, $8
Ray Bradbury would not be happy, but this is a fun novelty.

The Personal Library Kit, $24
If you are anything like me and constantly lend out books, keep track of your patrons (ha).

In The Library Perfume, $60
Mmm....old bookstore smell.....dkjadkjakldjfa;kdja;
Secret Book Camera, $14.99
a camera shaped like a book? yes, please.

Future Librarian Tee, $14.95
My friend Erin gave me this a couple years ago and it's been one of my favorite shirts ever.

Librarian Bear Notebook, $8
It's a bear cataloging. Genius.

Glasses Necklace, $16
Glasses are cute accessories and this necklace goes the extra step.

Paul Frank Bookworm Tee, $28
I bought this shirt for Scott last year. It's one of his favorite shirts and I steal it all the time.
Mr. Moustache Tote Bag, $20
This is not exactly biblio status, (although this one is) but a tote bag is always needed to carry those books around. May as well may it a cute one!

Whatever you decide to buy your book-lovin' Valentine, I hope they enjoy your thoughtful gifts. If you really want to top all those and go all out, you will be king with the Kindle, but then it wouldn't be fair to those other cute gifts. Or your wallet.