Library Fashion?

Librarians have had it bad, in my opinion. They are stereotyped as women, first of all, and only two type of women. They are typecasts as the cross older woman with the messy bun in her hair, or oversexed as the sultry librarian with the suggestive eyes under those eyeglasses. Most librarians I know these days are men, including my husband, who is neither the cross old lady or the sexy librarian (well, to me he is).

Working in a library is hard when I care how I present myself, yet I want to stay true to my style. There is no middle ground. Cue in Rhombus. Last year, when the line was first introduced in Fall 2007, I told Scott about Rhombus. Lately, I have seen it come up in fashion blogs and talk of setting up shop on the West Coast. The clothing line is made by a husband and wife from the East Coast, Lisa and James Clunie. Lisa is a fashion designer, James is a graphic designer. Combining the two creative minds with a geek status and you have Rhombus. This is a perfect harmony of sexy and smart without trying to compromise your comfort to the gods of ugly. The zippers are made out of indestructible plastic, the cotton is said to be almost as strong as duct tape, button snaps made out of patent enamel, and Binary code and multiple choice standardized test prints for women's tees. The cut is chic and tailored beautifully, and what I love about this line is the influence of maps, science, math, libraries, and is constructed for the elite who love academia.

//now, go shop//