I'm In Love With the Morton Salt Girl

//i want this book//

Ever since I can remember, I loooove the Morton Salt girl. I think she would make an awesome tattoo, although it would be cute, she would not look so cute wrinkled up in fifty years. Plus an arm's worth is enough, right?

My good friend Amy and I took a screen printing class years ago and she made me this adorable tee

It's a light blue tee with a light pink screen print on it. I made the mistake of letting one of my old roommates borrow it, and being the imbecile she is, she dyed her hair while wearing it (thanks R.) and completely defiled the poor shirt with dye all over the collar. I still keep it because I love it.

Check out the cute finds from the source itself.

I can't decide if it's the umbrella, the swing in her step, the haircut, the charming dress, or the stylish maryjanes she is wearing that makes me love this. When the rain falls, the first image that comes to my mind is this girl. The funny part of this is, I don't even have a grain of salt anywhere in my kitchen.