Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

Normally, I am not a thrift store kind of girl. Yes, of course I love thrifting for finds that consist of mostly vintage home decor. It is more of a hobby to go to a thrift/vintage shop then to say, "I need a new sweater. Off to the Goodwill!". If I need a new sweater, I am a J.Crew type of girl. If I need a new bag, I wait for the Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs line to come up with something new every season. If I want a new pair of shoes, I go to Urban Outfitters for the cutest (overpriced) flats. If I wanted to thrifty, I go to Target. But that never works because I end up spending just as much as I would at Anthropologie for one sweater and practically a new wardrobe for the same price at Target.

I was raised that appreciating fashion and a quality of clothing rather than being taught to save a dime or two on something that will fall apart by the time I walk out of the store (I am talking to you, Forever 21). My family wasn't always rich, but I remember in my childhood where my mom would save up for that perfect cashmere sweater she still wears to this day.

When I married, I brought this lifestyle with me. Thankfully I have a husband that doesn't go crazy with my luxurious way of living, and supports it. Or I should say, used to support it. When he asked me to cut back, I thought, "Ok, only a couple things a month. No biggie." He meant more like, "Don't buy anything. Ever."

That of course led me to have some sort of panic attack but realized he was just trying to save us from having debt. Of course I had debt when I was single, but took care of it before I got married. My husband? Never owned a penny to anyone. He wasn't about to start either. I honored the fact that someone can have such amazing credit so I couldn't ruin it for him.

Every Saturday morning, my mom and I go thrifiting and map out yard sales, thrift stores in the county and try to find the best deals and coolest finds. Saving money feels good but I miss the retail therapy of it. Luckily, those valued Saturday mornings are a great alternative.

On Valentines Day, my mom was not able to make it to the thrift store. I was sad but dragged Scott to the store anyways. I did buy a few things I wanted, but what I got was pretty incredible.

Yes, this is a Louis Vuitton Limited Edish Cerises Cherry Pouchette.
For $34.00

What impresses me more about this buy was that Scott was the one that eyed it. If I would have just looked at it, I would have thought, for sure it was a fake. The way it was sitting was the cherry design was hidden. As soon as the sales person flashed me the front of the bag, I knew it was real. I remember reading it in magazines and going all over the internet on the buzz of the bags a couple years ago.

The sales clerk thought I was crazy for looking at this bag rather than the beat up, torn, ugly Coach bag was sitting next to it (*side note- I never got the whole Coach frenzy. I always thought Coach was the poor man's Louis Vuitton. I don't want to say anything bad because my mom's loves Coach and has a few herself and we even bought her one last year but to me Coach is like the McDonald's of all "luxury" bags. Plus, they are fugly. I am more MJ than anything else. End side note*).

What was more incredible about this find is the original receipt was inside. Original price? $799.00. If you want one of your own, the cheapest I found it online was here. The documents and receipt were inside, an extra longer shoulder strap, and a dust bag. For $34. I would never buy a Louis for full price. I think it has way too much status for me, but for this price, of course I'm going to buy it. I feel as if saving money has been a blessing and served us well in the long run. It has taken me years and a marriage later to figure this out, but I don't mind it when finds like this come along.

I love great stories like this. What item have you found that made you thankful for walking in the thrift store that day?