For Whom The Bell Tolls

I love Target. I went in the store to try to find these botas. I couldn't find the boots at Target, but I did come out with a lovely pair of patent leather gray pumps for $3.28 (after taxes!)

I love these pair. Not just for the price, but because they are your basic classic pair of structured high heeled shoes, but the patent leather adds a modern look.
A couple of other pair were also purchased for the same price, but I will model those lovelies later.
I wish I could show you the heel but I was too excited to be photographing these next to Scott's antique books (please don't tell him that I stood on them either, thanks. No harm was done to the book/binding FYI in case he is reading this). The heel is about 2", and they are really comfortable, and I suggest you go out and buy yourself a pair. Plus for a neutral pair of shoes that harmonize with almost everything in your closet, why not?