Fashion Icon: Mr. Rogers

Okayyyy, so it's a man and it happens to be Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers fame, who is more like the iconic American sweetheart of education rather than a fashion icon. But look at his wardrobe! The plethora of cardigan sweaters is a dream closet for me. While everyone glorifies women like Audrey, Mary Kate and Ashley, Victoria, Dita and other fashion mavens, I appreciate the eye candy, but there is nothing like evincing for what I truly love.

I have a little over 25 cardigans, all "old man style". I even tell my husband he needs one and then they disappear into my wardrobe the next day. Sneaky? No, smart! My favorite sweaters come from American Apparel, as pretentious as that sounds, but I have bragging rights to say I have grown a great collection of them, thanks to my brother's discount. JCrew makes some great fitting sweaters but those are thrice what I normally pay. Each time I go thrifting, I am on the lookout for more Mr. Rogers status type sweaters. Most women have shoes and purses, I just happened to have sweaters. It is a much cheaper collection anyway, right?

from google images

My favorite part of the show was when he changed his shoes and slipped on a sweet looking pair of kicks. What I love about Mr. Rogers is we even share the same birthday. Regardless of the sweaters, he was part of my childhood. He was encouraging, and he always stayed positive.

I want this song on my iPod